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GameDay Squad Rugby League: Round 8 Player In Focus

Updated: May 2, 2023

Each week we will do a deep dive into a player that had a strong performance in the previous round. The player may not have had the top score of the weekend but a solid outing nonetheless. I’ll look to cover the previous rounds performance, outlook for the season ahead, outlook for 2024 and beyond and my recommendation for this player. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

Reuben Cotter in a round 8 NRL Fantasy player in focus

Player of the Week

Player Name: Reuben Cotter Age: 24 Club: North Queensland Cowboys Position: Middle-Forward Round 8 Score: 64 2023 Ave Score: 47

Round 8 Performance

Cotter was one of the top performing middle forwards of the round. He came away with 64 points, 65 of these came in base, 12 in tackle busts but he did lose 13 through missed tackles and errors. He started off the interchange once again but was given one 65-minute stint after coming on in the 15th minute. This was a really solid performance by Cotter and we were able to see the work horse he can be when given more minutes.

2023 Outlook

Cotter is a decent option for your GDS starting team while Jason Taumalolo is out injured. He offers a great base and can produce 65+ point performances when he chalks up a few attacking stats. He isn’t in the Haas, Murray, Yeo tier but if any of these players are to miss anytime, I would be comfortable starting him. Outside of injury the only risk is that he doesn’t get around 65 minutes a game. I really don’t know why Todd Payten is starting Cotter from the interchange as I believe he’s a starter. Maybe it’s just to save one interchange by giving him one stint. Before I look at starting him, I would like one more look to see how he performs and how Payten uses him in their next game. When Taumalolo is back from injury, I believe Cotter’s fantasy production will decrease if we see him in the same role he had over the opening six rounds. To begin the season, I had Cotter projected to rank 5th in the MID position, he has slipped behind Tohu Harris to 6th in my season projections.

GDS Dynasty Ranking

At 24 years old, Cotter should still have a few good years in front of him in first grade. He is contracted to the Cowboys until the end of the 2025 season. One thing that does concern me is that he has dealt with a few serious injuries in the past. He has been in the NRL for four seasons prior to this one but has only managed one season of 15+ games and that was last year. With youth on his side, I really hope he’s put these injuries behind him as he is a quality footballer. In terms of ranking for dynasty, I have him ranked somewhere in my second tier of MIDs with the likes of Matterson, Carrigan, Tino, Tapine and Tohu.

JT’s Call

Cotter is a very good GDS fantasy asset to have. However, if you already have the likes of Haas, Murray and Yeo he may only be used as a depth piece in your squad. I think the only time he should be considered as a starter is when Taumalolo isn’t in the Cowboys starting lineup. It really depends on the depth of your squad to be honest.

If you don’t have his card and you are looking to either add to your depth or improve your starting side, I believe Cotter would be a great addition to your squad. There are some decent priced Cotter cards up for sale on the Transfer Market at the moment. If you like the idea of having Cotter as a fantasy asset, go and check out the Transfer Market and see what deals can be made. Having Cotter in your squad would be a play for this season and your squad’s future.



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