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  • Hayden Kaer

Gameday Squad Serial Numbers: How Do They Work?

GameDay Squad Player Cards are being built to be Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Polygon Blockchain. To ensure that each and every Player Card is unique, all cards are inscribed with a serial number that that signifies its position within the complete set. This means that if you have two of the same player of the same rarity you are able to distinguish between them. Serial numbers also provides transparency to the community that there are not more Player Cards in circulation than there should be.

The serial number that is inscribed on each Player Card is not randomised. Instead, it represents the order in which that card was pulled from a Player Pack. So if you pull the #1 card from a pack, that means that you've pulled the very first Player Card for that rarity! Each rarity tier (excluding Bronze) has a total possible amount of Player Cards that can exist for each player.

Whilst the serial number on the Player Card does not impact its fantasy sports utility, it adds an intriguing element of collectability. Within the vibrant GameDay Squad Discord community (feel free to join us here), members have identified that they are on the hunt for Player Cards with the #1 serial number and Player Cards that have the same serial number as that player's jersey. Furthermore, in the future of GameDay Squad, serial numbers may potentially play a role in Squad Building challenges.

#11/500 Kotoni Staggs



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