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GameDay Squad Women's Fantasy Footy Rookies Reveal Their Round 1 Teams!

Fantasy sports have taken the world by storm, allowing fans to immerse themselves into the thrill of coaching a team and strategic decision making. Two rookie Fantasy sport players, Taylah and Shanaya, recently delved into the world of fantasy sport, specifically Women’s Aussie Rules, with round 1 fast approaching. This blog will take you through the exciting journey of revealing the star players that made their teams for round 1!

GameDay Squad Women's Fantasy Footy Rookies Reveal Their Round 1 Teams!

Taylah’s Round 1 Women’s Aussie Rules Key Players:

When building my team, I considered more than just picking the biggest names I could. I tried to find a balance between some of the star players and under the radar gems. Some key players in my squad include:

Erin McKinnon

An outstanding ruck, Erin McKinnon burst onto the Women’s Aussie Rules scene in 2017. She earned a NAB rising star nomination that year and then went on to be name the All-Australian ruck in 2018. She has continued to develop her craft and is a key player in my Women’s Aussie Rules team.

Kiara Bowers

Kiara Bowers was a joint winner for the 2021 Women’s Aussie Rules Fairest and Best and a runner-up in 2020, and she is set to dominate the field once again this season. Kiara has won every best on the ground medal in each of Fremantle’s three RAC Derby clashes against West Coast. In 2021 she averages one clearance and more than four tackles per game than any other Women’s Aussie Rules player. She’s an absolute superstar if you ask me.

Sabrina Frederick

Sabrina Frederick is a two-time All Australian, known for her excellent skills and strong marking. She was one of the original marquee players and definitely scores a place in my team.

Darcy Vescio

Darcy Vescio became the first Women’s Aussie Rules player to reach 50 career goals and is a fan favourite among many. She is also a two-time league leading goalkicker.

Monique Conti

Another superstar player who has won many awards, if you’re luck enough to score a Monique player card, you definitely want her on your starting team.

GameDay Squad Women's Fantasy Footy Rookies Reveal Their Round 1 Teams!

Shanaya’s Round 2 Women’s Aussie Rules Key Players:

Emma Kearney

Kearney isn’t just a player, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her proficiency is more precise than a straight-shot goal, and her ability to blend consistency and impact in my fantasy midfield is simply unparalleled.

Ebony Marinoff

Ebony Marinoff emerges as a midfield dynamo, acclaimed for her unyielding tackling prowess. Marinoff brings a unique dimension to my fantasy squad, becoming the bedrock of our possession-winning and defensive strategies.

Sarah Allan

Sarah Allen perfectly fits the bill. Her intercept marking a defensive mark. Her intercept marking and defensive skills are reflected in her stats and her numbers make her a valuable piece of the fantasy puzzle.

Katie Brennan

Every fantasy lineup thrives on a forward who can reliably contribute points and in that role, Brennan shines brightly. With an impressive scoring record, Brennan makes a huge impact on opportunities for her team to excel!

Brianna Davey

The remarkable journey of Brianna Davey, transitioning from soccer to AFLW vividly highlights athleticism. As the captain of the Carlton Football Club, her influence radiates from the defensive line and is why she is one of my top 5 players to add to my Fantasy Team!

In the ever-evolving landscape of fantasy sports, GameDay Squad's Women's Aussie Rules fantasy league is an exciting new chapter. With a mix of established stars and rising talents, our fantasy squads are poised to make their mark on the virtual field, all while celebrating the incredible athleticism and camaraderie that the Women's Aussie Rules brings to the world of sports.


GameDay Squad Women's Fantasy Footy Rookies Reveal Their Round 1 Teams!


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