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  • Bailey Irrgang

GameDay Squad Women’s Fantasy Footy - 2023 Tips and Tricks

Haven’t played Women’s Fantasy Football before? Don’t know how or where to start?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. With Women’s Fantasy Football set to boom this season with

multiple platforms, the buzz around not only Women’s Fantasy Football, but Women’s Football in general is huge. Below are some tips and tricks on how and where to get started in creating your AFLW GameDay Squad.

GameDay Squad Women’s Footy Fantasy - 2023 Tips and Tricks

Tip 1 – Player over card quality

If you pack a silver, gold, platinum, diamond or a legend card (if you are lucky enough), you may feel like they are the best player to put into your squad, but this is not always the best. You need to look at not only how they have performed in previous seasons, but if they are selected to play. A bronze Kiara Bowers and Ebony Marinoff are going to score more than almost every player with a silver and gold rarity, so putting in the better players over rarity is important in succeeding in GameDay Squad Women’s Fantasy Football.

Tip 2 – Try and do a bit of research

If you are new to the Women’s Fantasy Football scene, doing as much research as you can is going to go a long way. This could be by consuming content released by GameDay Squad like this blog and other blogs, and video content. There are also some Women’s Fantasy Football podcasts out there like the Official AFLW Fantasy Podcast and Free Kick AFLW Podcast, plus there may be a couple more as we get closer to the season. Also take a look at stats from past seasons to get a bit of knowledge about how players have performed previously. All of this will help assist you in making your Women’s Fantasy Football squad.

GameDay Squad Women’s Footy Fantasy - 2023 Tips and Tricks

Tip 3 – Load up on the midfield

Unlike the AFL men’s fantasy, the highest scoring players in Women’s Fantasy Football are in the midfield. In AFL men’s, you have players like Nick Daicos and Jordan Dawson in defence and Tim Taranto and Josh Dunkley in the forward line scoring similar to the premium midfielders. In Women’s Fantasy Football, this is not the case. In the midfield, you have players like Kiara Bowers (140 average) and Ebony Marinoff (133 average) who averaged more than 50 points than Ruby Schleicher (top averaging defender from last season, average of 81 points) and Ebony Antonio (top averaging forward from last season, average of 84 points). The key is to get the best midfielders and use your silvers, golds, etc. on the midfielder slots because that is where the bulk of your points will come from.

Tip 4 – Go and watch games, support AFLW

Going and watching AFLW games will not only help with your research for your Women’s Fantasy Football team, but it will also help in supporting the AFLW. As it continues to grow, the more people that support it will help in continuing the growth in Women’s football as a whole. So it’s a win-win, so make sure you to get to some games of AFLW this season!

This is sure to be the biggest and best AFLW season to date, and it will be made even more exciting with GameDay Squad’s Women’s Fantasy Football competition this season. Don’t worry if you don’t know much about it now, because you are not alone, and you will gain a lot of knowledge about it this season!

Good luck with your packs, and for the Women’s Fantasy Football 2023 season!


GameDay Squad Women’s Footy Fantasy - 2023 Tips and Tricks


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