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GameDay Squad AUS Cricket Round 35 Preview: Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades

GameDay Squad AUS Cricket Round 35 Preview: The Sydney Thunder take on the Melbourne Renegades in the 40th match of BBL13 in Sydney at Sydney Showgrounds Stadium on Wednesday the 17th of January.

Here's everything you need to know ....

Round Preview

Predicted Teams

Sydney Thunder: 1. David Warner, 2. Alex Hales, 3. Cameron Bancroft, 4. Oliver Davies, 5. Alex Ross, 6. Matthew Gilkes, 7. Daniel Sams, 8. Chris Green, 9. Nathan McAndrew, 10. Liam Hatcher, 11. Tanveer Sangha

Melbourne Renegades: 1. Jordan Cox, 2. Shaun Marsh, 3. Jake Fraser-McGurk, 4. Scott Edwards, 5. Jono Wells, 6. Will Sutherland, 7. Akeal Hosein, 8. Tom Rogers, 9. Fergus O’Neill, 10. Kane Richardson, 11. Adam Zampa


Start Vs Sit

Batters - David Warner vs Jake Fraser-McGurk

The outgoing star vs the upcoming star! We have some great batsmen options to select from in this match and it's between Warner and JFM for the third batter spot. I'm really torn on who to select out of these two batsmen but I'm leaning towards JFM as Warner has only played two matches in BBL13. However, middle order batsmen haven't performed all that well when batting in the second innings at this venue. If the Thunder bat first, I might pivot to Warner and sit JFM. At this stage, I have JFM ranked slightly ahead of Warner.

Start: Jake Fraser-McGurk

Game 4 Preview

Wicket Keeper - Cameron Bancroft vs Matthew Gilkes

It's likely that there are only going to be four all-rounders to select from for the GDS starting XI, we won't be going over that position today.

Even though Gilkes outscored Bancroft in the Thunder's last match, I'll be starting Bancroft. Bancroft is averaging 37 points and Gilkes is averaging 7 points. When playing in the same match, Bancroft has outscored Gilkes in three of the four matches. I don't think the wicket keeper position for this match is where to go with a POD. I'll be avoiding Gilkes as I haven't liked what I've seen as a fantasy coach.

Start: Cameron Bancroft

Bowler - Tanveer Sangha vs Adam Zampa

There aren't too many outstanding bowling options to pick from for this match. In my opinion, Sangha and Zampa are battling it out for the third bowling position in the GDS starting XI. Sangha is ranked 19th with an average of 33 points and Zampa is ranked 33rd with an average of 22 points. Sangha has ranked as one of the top three bowlers in a match in five of his eight matches. Zampa has ranked as one of the top three bowlers in a match in one of his eight matches. Spin bowlers have scored rather well against both teams this season. In matches at the Sydney Showground Stadium over the last two seasons, spin bowlers have had a lot more success when bowling in the first innings. Even though I lean towards starting Sangha, I'll be waiting to see what happens at the toss. As spin bowlers only average 19 points at this venue when bowling in the second innings, I won't be starting the player who bowls in the second innings.

Start: Whoever bowls in the first innings out of Sangha and Zampa


Matchup Matrix

Key Takeaways:

  1. Opening and middle order batsmen have scored well against the Thunder

  2. Avoid lower order batsmen

  3. Spin bowlers have scored well against the Thunder

Ground Matrix

Key Takeaways:

  1. Opening batsmen in the second innings have scored well here

  2. Pace bowlers have scored well here in the past

  3. Middle order batsmen tend to score better in the first innings than the second


Hot Take

Shaun Marsh finishes his career in style with a fifty.


Who to play in your GDS starting XI

  1. BAT - Shaun Marsh

  2. BAT - Alex Hales

  3. BAT - Jake Fraser-McGurk

  4. ALL - Daniel Sams

  5. ALL - Chris Green

  6. ALL - Will Sutherland

  7. ALL - Fergus O’Neill

  8. WK - Cameron Bancroft

  9. BWL - Tom Rogers

  10. BWL - Nathan McAndrew

  11. BWL - Tanveer Sangha / Adam Zampa


Game 4 Preview


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