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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules - 2024 Bounce Back Targets!

Aussie Rules - 2024 Bounce Back Targets ach season, several established players experience setbacks, whether due to injuries, changes in team dynamics, or unforeseen circumstances, leading them to fade from the fantasy football spotlight. Fans of the game often adopt a "What have you done for me lately?" mentality, sometimes overlooking proven performers who may have had a rough patch in the previous season.

As we gear up for the 2024 season, it's worth examining which players have the greatest potential to rebound from a disappointing 2023. We'll rank these players based on their anticipated fantasy value recovery, starting from those with the least to the most significant potential impact.

Fantasy Bounce Back Players

Brodie Grundy

Team: Sydney Swans Position: Ruck 2023 Average: 85.24ppg

I'll start with the obvious and the guy everyone is already probably tired of hearing about but Brodie Grundy is prime candidate #1 for a huge bounce back season in 2024. It's been well documented that Grundy's lame experimental tenure with fellow dominating Ruckman Max Gawn at the Melbourne Demons was at least extremely detrimental from a fantasy perspective, but he's shattered the shackles and he's made his way up to the Sydney Swans where he will once again become a solo Ruckman. Which is music to the ears of AFL fans and Aussie Rules fantasy coaches globally because when Brodie Grundy gets a clear runway, there a few better spectacles league-wide! I don't think it's too far-fetched to say that we will see that Grundy of old return to our teams where he'll average 120+ GDS Fantasy points per game!

Jack Bowes

Team: Geelong Cats

Position: Defender 2023 Average: 71.29ppg

It seems like an age ago where Bowes averaged 98 GDS fantasy points per game! Of course that average was achieved a little up north in Red and Gold colours and since then, Bowes has had a fairly drastic change of scenery! Since his move to Geelong Bowes has struggled with role and injury woes, never a duo of problems to have when you're a footy player. Yet we fast forward to the 2024 preseason, and he is still on my radar! I'll be following a close eye to any match simulation reports and pre-season games because when he has the role and when he is fit, his style of game suits fantasy footy so well! Definitely a player to keep your eye on!

Callum Mills

Team: Sydney Swans

Position: Midfielder

2023 Average: 96.15ppg

I simply refuse to believe that the 2022 Callum Mills has just disappeared into thin air! The man went from averaging a monster 125.67 GDS fantasy points per game in 2022 to just 96.15 points per game in 2023! What sucks is that the newly appointed Sydney Swans captain will miss the first half of the season with a shoulder injury, but he's a player i'm going to be keeping a pulse on as he nears closer to a return as a potential point-of-difference game changer!



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