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  • Liam Kermode

GameDay Squad Aussie Rules: Round 9 Player In Focus

Each week, we will do a deep dive into a player that had a strong performance in the previous round. The player may not have had the top score of the weekend but a solid outing nonetheless. I’ll look to cover the previous rounds performance, outlook for the season ahead, outlook for 2024 and beyond and my recommendation for this player. Let us know your thoughts on who we have down below on all of our social channels: twitter, facebook, instagram, discord.

AFL Fantasy round 9 player in focus Will Ashcroft

Player of the Week

Player Name: Will Ashcroft

Age: 19

Club: Brisbane Lions

Position: Midfield

Round 9 Score: 125

2023 Ave Score: 96

Round 9 Performance

Will Ashcroft adores the Gabba! Like seriously... it's a little bit weird... in all four games so far at the Gabba in 2023, Ashcroft is averaging 114 GDS points per game at the venue, insane numbers from the 19-year-old. Round 9 was no let down as he continued his reign as the Prince of Woolloongabba, Brisbane tidily put away the Essendon Bombers with Ashcroft totalling 15 kicks, 13 handballs, 7 marks and 4 tackles for 125 GDS fantasy points on the night. Incredible performance from the rookie performances I think we're going to have to get used to!

2023 Outlook

Obviously with the likes of Harry Sheezel running around like a bonafide baby pig early doors in his career, it's easy for the community to overlook Ashcroft with his measly average of 96 (Thats a joke btw 96 is still really good for him) compared to Sheezel's 119 points per game and I think for 2023 at least, it will remain that way. Obviously, with Ashcroft being listed as a midfielder and GameDay Squad Aussie Rules having only five midfield slots to choose from, it's hard to label Ashcroft a starter, especially if we're comparing him to Sheezel who is a forward in GDS and has more opportunity to score consistently in his current role. The only fixtures I might consider Ashcroft is in plus match ups at the Gabba. Above, I mentioned that venue average of 114 GDS fantasy points per game, if we see him take another step this season, he could come into consideration at the Gabba.

GDS Dynasty Ranking

This is where Will Ashcroft comes into serious play. The number 1 pick in the 2022 draft came into the league with serious media attention, which was well deserved as he torched up junior footy for years. He garnered comparisons similar to Sam Walsh coming into his rookie year and despite how well others in a similar age bracket are doing, I think he his living up to the expectations. Early trends in his career and using the trusty eye test, I think it's obvious to all that Ashcroft will mold into an inside-mid with a complementary outside game which allows him to impact the score board on occasion... Pretty much to perfect prototype for a fantasy asset. A role like that has proven time and time again that it allows players to score fantasy points at a high clip, generally because it allows the player to score points in all facets of the game. Talking strictly dynasty midfielders, I truly think Ashcroft should be viewed in the same tier as your Sam Walsh's, your Bailey Smith's and your Noah Anderson's, and truthfully... I think it's only a matter of time before he eclipses them!

Kerm's Call

Will Ashcroft as we stand today is still fairly green but a blind man could see how much talent the guy oozes! He's come into the league with some of the highest expectations in recent times and has handled it like a true pro while performing amicably on the biggest stage in the country. The footy world is Ashcroft's to own, as a dynasty fantasy platform, you would be remiss to miss out on the chance to own his player card for the next 15+ years. It's only a matter of time before he's a top 5 fantasy midfielder in this league.



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