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  • Hayden Kaer

GameDay Squad: Trade Your Way To Fantasy Success

Trading footy cards with friends has been a widely enjoyed pastime for generations, and now, with GameDay Squad, you can take your trading to the next level. GameDay Squad is a platform that enables you to trade your digital Player Cards with other coaches, adding a modern twist to this classic hobby. Here are some strategies to help you get more out of your trades.

Trading player cards in GameDay Squad

Search The Market

Check out what offers are currently available on the Transfer Market by filtering the type of offers you are looking for by “Trade Block”. Scroll down the page to see all the Player Cards that are up for trade or narrow your search with various filters. Once you find a card you're interested in, simply click on it to see what Player Cards the coach is willing to trade for it. You have the option to offer just one of the suggested cards or increase your chances of a successful trade by offering multiple cards. You’ll never know what Player Card another coach is chasing until you click on their offer - take advantage of the great deals out there on the Transfer Market.

Trade Up Your Bronzes

You get free Bronze Player Cards when you sign up to GameDay Squad and even more Bronze Player Cards just by logging into the platform each week. You can’t sell these Player Cards for dollars, but you can trade them. Because the Classic (Capped) competition uses a salary cap system and Bronze Player Cards have the lowest salary cap hit, there is a high demand for quality players in the Bronze category on the Transfer Market. If you’ve been lucky enough to pack a few good Bronze Player Cards, consider trading them up for Silver & Gold tiered cards.

Double Check The Details

When you’re searching on the Transfer Market you’ll only be able to see the first initial of the player on offer. There are times where there are two players who play for the same team and have the same first initial. I almost bought a Corey Warner Player Card thinking it was Chad Warner! No offence to Corey, but I would have been devastated if I didn’t double check who I was buying before confirming. Click on the Player Card you’re thinking about adding to your squad to check all the details of the card before making a trade.

Serial Numbers

When it comes to trading on GameDay Squad, one important factor to keep in mind is the unique serial number assigned to each Player Card. No two Player Cards are the same, and this makes them even more valuable. Some coaches are on the hunt for specific serial numbers to complete their collections, such as #1 or the number that matches the player's jersey. If you happen to possess a Player Card with an appealing serial number, you may have the opportunity to arrange a favourable trade.

Multiple Cards & Rarities

Because you’re able to offer multiple Player Cards across all rarities in exchange for one Player Card, this allows for some compelling trade requests. If you're eyeing the Classic (Capped) league and happen to have a highly rated Platinum, Diamond, or Legend Player Card, consider offering it up for a bundle of top-tier Bronze, Silver, and Gold Player Cards. This strategic move could help you bolster your team with a variety of quality players and increase your chances of fantasy success.

Join The Discord!

In addition to the excitement of trading, GameDay Squad also provides a community for fellow fantasy sport coaches to connect. You’ll find a dedicated #Trade-table channel for both the Aussie Rules & Rugby League fantasy sport games on the GameDay Squad Discord. Coaches can showcase the cards they're looking to acquire and the cards they're willing to trade to make it happen. It's a space designed for passionate coaches to come together, share strategies, and build their teams. Come join the Discord and become part of the GameDay Squad community using this link >



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