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  • Shanaya Green

Scoring Big in Women’s Fantasy Footy: Unveiling My Top 5 Picks!

Fantasy Footy enthusiasts, GET READY for a BIG week of Women’s Aussie Rules! As we gear up for an exhilarating season, I’m here to dive deep into the world of stats, averages, and past performances to unveil the top 5 players I’m targeting and why! Get ready to discover the fab five players, I’ve got my eyes on, and trust me, these picks are as golden as a specky!

Scoring Big in Women’s Fantasy Footy: Unveiling My Top 5 Picks!

1. Emma Kearney

Hold onto your beanies because Emma Kearny is about to midfield-magic her way into our heart. She’s not just making up the number; she’s crunching them! With an average of 22 disposals and 6 tackles per game, Kearny is more accurate than a straight shot goal! With your capacity to rack up both offensive and defensive stats, Kearney brings an ideal blend of consistency and impact to my fantasy midfield.

2. Ebony Marinoff

Renowned for her tenacious tackling, Marinoff is a midfield dynamo. Her stats speak volumes: an astounding average of 10 tackles and 20 disposals per game. With her ability to win possession and provide a solid defensive foundaation, Marinoff adds a unique dimension to my fantasy squad!

Scoring Big in Women’s Fantasy Footy: Unveiling My Top 5 Picks!

3. Sarah Allen

In the ever-evolving world of fantasy footy, it’s essential to have a reliable defender who can consistently churn out points. Sarah Allan fits to the bill perfectly. Her intercept marking and defensive prowess are reflected in her stats: an average of 4 marks and 12 disposals per game. Allan’s numbers make her a valuable piece of the fantasy puzzle.

4. Katie Brennan

Every fantasy team needs a forward who can consistently put points on the board, and Katie Brennan is my go-to-choice. With an impressive goal-scoring record and an average of 14 disposals per game, Brennan’s ability to impact the scoreboard and create scoring opportunities for her team is a fantasy dream come true.

5. Brianna Davey

Brianna Davey’s journey from soccer star to AFLW captain showcases her natural athleCcism. As the captain of the Carlton Football Club, her impact radiates from the backline. Averaging 23 disposals, 4 tackles and 3 clearances per game, Davey’s tenacity and strategic thinking make her a cornerstone of the Blues’ lineup.

Overall, I consider my team as the ultimate Women’s Fantasy DREAMTEAM! These five players are my focal points for strategy, variety, and potential impact. Fellow coaches, strap on your boots, grab your scarves, and get ready to cheer on these superstars!


Scoring Big in Women’s Fantasy Footy: Unveiling My Top 5 Picks!


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